5 little porkies advertising people tell small business owners

Next time an ad rep or someone from an ad agency tells you one of these lies - THROW THEM OUT ON THE STREET!

Silly Newspaper Lie # 1:
The right hand page of the newspaper works better than the left.
There is absolutely no research to support this. In fact a survey conducted by a major research company in the early 1980s suggested that although there was almost no discernible difference between readership on the left or the right hand page, if anything the left hand page might be slightly better. Newspapers and marketing people keep this little ‘white’ lie alive because they all make more money out of you as a result.
Silly Radio Lie # 2:
30 seconds is the best length for a radio commercial.
I wonder whether your great grandson will know that radio spots used to be longer than the 2 seconders he’ll be forced to buy in 50 years time (if radio is even still alive by then). When Grandad was buying radio spots they were often two minutes or longer - and they worked, better than they do now!! The reason they have become so short is that Radio people figured out that they could sell four 30 second radio spots instead of a single two minute spot. It has nothing to do with results for you, and everything to do with money for them. Ce la vie!
Silly Radio Lie # 3:
That you should pay more per second for a 15 sec spot than you should for a 30.
If shorter is better, why do they also want more per second for a 60 second ad. Simple. If you buy a 60 at the same per second rate as a 30 you’ll have blocked out a minute of radio time which they could have sold as four 15 seconders. Confused? You are supposed to be. It makes it easier for them to sell this way.
Silly Media Choice Lie # 4:
Your marketing should include a balance of newspaper, radio, direct mail and web.
Nonsense! They don’t seem to understand that it is almost impossible for the average small business to afford enough of each to make it worth buying. Which is actually very good news because the media (newspaper, radio, websites etc) is much less important than the message. For instance a butcher (like most businesses) gets most of his customers from word of mouth (not ads). So what are people telling each other about the butcher? That he has great advice about which cuts to choose and how to prepare and cook them.” Which is why a free cooking class might be much more effective than any ad or website – “FREE BARBEQUE COOKING CLASS FOR BLOKES – FREE BEER, FREE STEAKS!”
Silly Brand Advertising Lie # 5:
Branding builds huge sales.
Listen more carefully to their words, these ‘brand-smiths’ and you’ll spot the bullshit. After they’ve told you that branding building sales they’ll go on to say, with great authority, that “the true brand, is the experience you have of the product (or service)”. The DUMMIES! You get the experience of the product (or service) during and after the purchase – not before. A SALE NEEDS TO OCCUR BEFORE THE BRAND IS BUILT. Was your car dealer’s brand stronger after you’d bought that car, or before?? (A brand can be negative or positive by the way).
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