Billboards - Even these can be made to increase your sales

DON’T use silly clever headlines that amuse you, BUT MEAN NOTHING TO YOUR AUDIENCE!

USE local traffic jams to your advantage – where traffic is slow, use more words! DON’T be fooled into thinking that as long as your billboard gets ‘noticed’ sales will follow – 80% of the time it doesn’t work! AVOID the mistake most billboard advertisers make! REMEMBER that on a billboard, your message pulls more sales than your picture!
1. Make sure your billboard’s headline is CRYSTAL clear. And use statements that you KNOW will interest your audience.

Puns, plays on words and humour seldom work in billboards – billboard advertisers almost never report an increase in enquiries OR sales from those clever, colourful billboards you see. How many billboards do you see with short silly headlines that are too clever to mean much at first glance? 
One glance at your billboard is all your customer gets time for! So get your message VERY CLEAR! Talk about things that interest your customer, and remember people can read up to 10 -15 words at a glance if your headline is REALLY interesting!

2. KEEP changing your headline so people driving past your billboard don’t get bored! 

Set up a ‘conversation’ with people who drive past, by building your story with ever changing headlines. It costs a bit more but is well worth it. Nobody ever bored their customers into buying from them! Some advertisers misunderstand this maxim. They make the mistake of thinking they have to amuse their customers with their billboard. To keep your customer interested in your billboard you must tell them ever-changing messages that benefit them!

3. Little billboards on the side of the road – or on the traffic medium strip, are cheaper and often more effective than big ones!

Holloway & Hudson clients report sales and enquiries increase when they use little billboards, signs and blackboards on the side of the road. The secret with these ‘little’ billboards is to use messages that tell your customer EXACTLY how they will benefit by stopping off to visit your business.

4. If you're going to use pictures in your billboard, make sure you follow the principals of scientific advertising.

It's an easy trap to fall into - you've got a huge space to fill so why not slap a huge picture in. If you're going to do this, it's got to be relevent. Follow the same rules you have used in your other advertising when it comes to pictures and apply the rules here. Don't put a picture of a glamorous model or a boring old picture of you're product or service up for the hell of it. Just like in other medias, your picture must have story appeal.

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