Flyers - The reason your mailbox is full of them!

Simple steps to getting excellent sales results from mailbox flyers

1. Tell your best selling story!
Your selling stories are the things you say to your customers every day. If you’re a dentist, your selling story is all about how much more confident your customer will feel with a mouth full of good looking, bright white teeth. If you sell sports shoes, your selling story is about how damaging the wrong type of shoe can be to your customer’s long-term health.
  • Your BEST selling story, is the one that gets the most sales. Of all the selling stories you tell, one or two of them will be by far the most effective. When you are able to explain the facts of that particular story to a customer, then you KNOW you are more likely to succeed.
  • Put those BEST selling stories first in your flyer! Use as your headline, and then back up that headline with lots of readable, interesting copy. You’d be surprised how many people would read your flyer if you would only make it interesting. You’re still reading this, and this is probably not the first time you have read a Holloway & Hudson article. That’s because we make them interesting!

2. Test black and white flyers first!

Holloway & Hudson's tests show that some black and white ads and flyers work better than colour. This is because your customers are so bombarded by colour advertising, that if you do it well, black ink on white or coloured paper can grab attention, because it looks so different from all the other flyers in the letterbox (certain coloured papers work better than others).
  • Single-colour flyers tell the reader that your price is probably very good. It also tells them that your message must be serious. Your accountant doesn’t send you colourful letters, neither does your dad. Single colour suggests an important message!
  • The most important advice about using colour, is that you must TEST and MEASURE the results. Some of our clients achieve success without colour, others do better with colour. You will need to test a black and white flyer, against a colour version before you know which works best for your business.

3. It’s okay to put your flyer in a mailbox that is already full.
Have you noticed how your mailbox is filled with flyers at particular times of the year? That’s because you are MUCH more likely to respond to flyers at those times. Don’t miss out on what those advertisers have discovered – get your flyer into boxes when everyone else’s flyers are arriving.
  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking your message will get ‘lost’ among all the others. It won’t! While you may keep certain flyers and discard others, the people in the next house might be doing the opposite.
  • Even if only 10% of the flyers you send out get looked at, that’s still a better result than newspaper advertising, and MUCH better than radio. Some advertisers give up using flyers because “lots of their flyers go straight into the bin.” Don’t be put off by that. Most people don’t look at your ads in the newspaper either, but you still get results don’t you!
“You may not read flyers, but others do, which is why they are able to
boost the sales of companies that use them.”

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