How to increase the response you get from your marketing

Here are 6 simple ways to use your ‘list of customers’ to increase responses – AND CUT  YOUR ADVERTISING SPEND

1. The first step sounds silly but it’s critical. Stop calling it your ‘Database’.
‘Database’ is a dumb word, just silly marketing jargon, and it confuses normal business people. Every time someone says the word ‘Database’ everyone else in the room gets twitchy. That’s because it reminds us all that our ‘list of customers’ (a much better thing to call it) is anything but complete. Don’t worry about it, very few people in business have a completely up to date ‘list of customers’.
2. The 2nd step is to phone everyone on your list. Too busy? Remember this can often cut your ad budget in half... IN HALF!
The more out of date your ‘list of clients’ is the more immediate sales you’ll get phoning them. An out of date ‘list of customers’ gives you the perfect excuse to phone them to update their info. Tell them you want to send out special offers and prices to customers “before Joe-Public gets them” and you need to check their details are correct. The amazing thing is that you’ll almost always make sales while you’re doing this. Ask for permission to email them. If you’ve got permission it’s not SPAM and they’re more likely to read it. Emails cost almost nothing to send. Letters cost more than 50c each with the cost of the envelope. You need to test emails against letters in the post – you won’t know which works best until you’ve tested and measured the results.
3. How to make instant sales by phoning your ‘list of customers’ (Part A)
Tyre companies send reminders to customers when their tyres need checking. They could at least double their sales by phoning their customers before they send out the reminder. Tell them their tyres are due for a FREE check and you’re about to send them a reminder, but need to check you have their most up to date details. I recommended this to one reader and they got 11 sales in the first couple of days of phoning! If you phone first, people are more likely to respond to any reminder (posted or emailed).
4. Making INSTANT sales from phoning your ‘list of customers’ (Part B)
Any business can copy the Tyre Companies – here are a few examples; DENTISTS: You send out reminders too. If you use the same process some people will book even before you send a reminder.MECHANICS: Phone before you send out their W.O.F reminders,  up-date their details, get their email (they’re highly likely to read emails if you’ve phoned them first) then phone again after you post or email the reminder. Every series of phone calls will give you more business. BUTCHERS: Even if your customer list is a mess of bloodied bits of paper – get someone calling them to get their info so you can send them special recipes, info on healthier meat cuts etc. NEW HOME BUILDERS: Same approach with tips and advice about everything from leaky homes to which style (not brand) of homes sell easiest. BEAUTICIANS: Same approach with beauty tips they can carry out themselves. PLUMBERS:Same approach with tips for preventing the problems they want you to solve. (Sound silly? It’s not. The more you help them for free, the more they’ll want to pay you to help them).
5. Get permission to send them free help and advice and offers
The most important part of this whole approach is getting their permission to send them stuff (by email or post). Once you have that you’ll find this approach works way better than almost any advertising you’ve ever done. And of course it’s cheaper. Whatever size your business you need to do this. YOU NEED TO DO THIS – but only if you want more sales!  I guarantee you your sales will go up.
6. Get FANATICAL about adding names to your ‘list of customers’.
If you can’t do it at the time they come into your business, then just get their name and phone number and call them later for details.
You also need to test the following approaches. Yes it’s tough. Yes it’s a pain. But it will make you more money!

  • Ask for their details when they come into your business or when they phone. Explain you want to send them free help and advice (explain the topics).
  • Ask for their email address when they come in, explain why (see point (a) above), and then send them an email asking for their phone number & address.
  • The same as point (b) above, but they go into a draw for a prize if they send you the info back.
  • The same as point (b) above, but phone them before you send the questionnaire, and afterward.

How to make your marketing irresistible to your customers

Your customers will not be able to resist your marketing if it’s about them.
Unfortunately most of your marketing is all about you! Big mistake - they don’t care about you. But don’t you have to tell your customers about your service, your product, your offer? Well, actually, no – not at first anyway! Have you noticed that your friends are much more interested in you when you’re talking about them? Your customers are the same – if you want your marketing to be irresistible, it’ll have to be all about them, not you.
Which means you’re going to have to get to know a lot more about your customers than you do now.
This is easy too. You don’t need to do a whole bunch of research about your customers, you just need to think about them for a while instead of thinking about yourself all the time. Put yourself in their shoes, and after that it will all make sense. For example: If you’re an accountant and you want some new small business clients, spend some time thinking about what it’s like to be a small business owner, say a Plumber. This isn’t rocket science. Plumbers are people in small business so they’re going to face all the same problems that people in small business always face; Tax (they don’t save for it, they think they pay too much but aren’t sure, and so on.) Employees (they think they pay their staff more than they pay themselves, they have trouble keeping the good ones and getting rid of the bad ones, and so on.). Profit (they never seem to make enough no matter how hard they work).
Now fill your marketing with things that interest your customers – and the business will come.
Take that the accountant who wants to market to plumbers - imagine he sends every plumber in town a letter headed up; Is your Plumbing Business ever going to make the sort of money you promised your wife it would? Now that’s a headline that’s all about the Plumber who’s receiving it and not about the Accountant who’s sending it. Do you think the Plumber is going to find that letter interesting? And do you think he might end up doing business with that Accountant, particularly if the Accountant phones him to follow up the letter?

Here are a couple of other examples:
An office furniture store focuses on what interests Accountants in their email to Accounting businesses:
You pay your staff $25 an hour. They have 10% less concentration because they’re sitting on an uncomfortable chair. Do the maths - that office chair is costing you $4800 a year. I can sell you a much better one for just $325.

A small café focuses on what interests their customers in a business to business flyer:
Do you miss out on GOOD COFFEE because you don’t have time to get out to a decent café in your breaks? I will bring your coffee to your desk, just the way you like it, at no extra charge. Would anyone else in your office like a coffee too?
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You are not going to experience magnificent results over night, but you have got to get the ball rolling and sales focused so the results will actually start to happen for you and your business.

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