How to successfully brand your company


Used correctly, branding builds ‘a strong awareness of your product (and the benefits it delivers) so that people will want to buy from you’.  But, “ad people” have ruined branding, by making it into the shallow pastime of entertaining people with cool advertising that is almost always remembered, but may not have much effect on sales. 
1.    Ask someone you know this question today:
"Have you seen the lion red tv ads, or the tui billboards? Then ask them if they have changed their beer brand as a result? The answer may surprise you!
2.    Many brands are well known, but still fail! 
A ‘strong’ brand is one that people remember and buy. A ‘weak’ brand is one that people remember, but don’t buy! Remember the claytons ads (the drink you have when you’re not having a drink)? Or pizzario uno (we refuse entry to boring persons), and of course the ford edsell is probably the best international example of memorable brand ads that fail. All of these brands failed, because although their advertising was very memorable, it did not make people aware of their need for the product, or communicate enough benefits to make them want to buy!
3.    The key to building a successful brand is to make people aware of their need for your product and the benefits of buying it! 
Most brand advertising fails right there!  It’s funny, it’s colourful, it’s beautifully designed, but it doesn’t make people aware of their need for your product!
At Holloway’s we have used advertising to brand our agency better than probably any
Other advertising company in tauranga. And we’ve done it in just 12 months!! Ask anyone to name a local advertising person, or company and you’ll see what we mean. The reason we have been able to do this, is that every ad we run is packed full of benefits that make people painfully aware of their need for someone who can help them with their ads! Does your advertising make your customers painfully aware of their need for your product?
4.  Use strong visual images, but for goodness sake, don’t let your visual image overpower making people aware of their need for your product. 
Don’t forget that the purpose of your ad is to get results. So, although a good idea, or a beautiful design can help, you must never let them overpower the selling message in your ad.

The only proven way to build a brand for your product or service is to talk about the benefits of buying it.

This means we need to ask why there are so many big budget brand ads that don’t explain the benefits of buying. Brand advertising is a must! Yet most brand ads fail for these five simple reasons:
1. The ads are made by designers or ‘creatives’ who do not understand that the first requirement of brand ads is:  “to generate enquiries!”
While other agencies spend their clients money making ads that entertain, look beautiful, are witty and win awards – holloway’s people labour to write brand ads that actually achieve the first requirement of all advertising – to generate enquiries.
2. Ad people who have never been taught how to get a brand ad to generate sales enquiries you can thank universities and polytechs for this ridiculous situation.
Most tertiary institutions have no idea of the importance of teaching young ad people to get enquiries from brand ads. In their minds selling is a ‘tacky, pushy’ business, and the less they have to do with it the better! They prefer to teach ‘creativity’ which can never be measured. This is wonderful for young graduates who prefer not to be accountable, but terrible for the companies who pay them huge dollops of money to make ads that entertain and win awards, but don’t get enquiries.
3. Your customers notice your ad, but don’t remember it was for you because it did not tell them the benefits of buying.
How often do you watch a tv ad you really like, then tell your friends about it, but you can’t remember who the ad was for? This happens because people only remember you if you give them a reason to want to buy something. If you’re not sure how, take a look at the advertising for ezibuy and the warehouse.
4. Your ad gets your customer’s interest, but fails because it does not explain how to buy from you.
Advertising that makes a good job of selling, and then ‘packs up it’s bags and leaves’ before explaining to the customer how they can buy, will fail. We humans are such polite souls that if a salesman knocks on our door, makes a great job of selling a product, and then packs up his samples and leaves without asking for the order – we are too nice to insist on buying. Instead we think that not ‘asking for the order’ must be part of this salesman’s approach, so we wait for a second sales call, which of course never comes. In Holloway’s own ads we always offer several ways for the customer to respond.
5. The marketing people get excited because research shows people noticed their ad. But then they forget to ask if they bought anything: research is important because it lets you learn from your successes and your failures.

Holloway’s always research the results of our clients ads. But research will not help you learn anything if you ask the wrong questions. There’s no point asking if people noticed your ad, if you don’t also ask them if they did buy, or intend buying, as a result of noticing it.

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The DO'S and DON'TS of branding
  • Do make sure your ads feature a selling message that you know will get enquiries, before you do the design. In brand advertising, what you say is much more important than how you say it.
  • Do find out what already makes your customer buy when they deal with your salespeople one to one. Then spend most of your time finding a way to make your ads say the same things. This is the most overlooked strategy in brand advertising today.
  • Don’t think about the design until you’ve got your message written, if the design overpowers your message the ad will fail.
  • Don’t try to be clever with words or photos, research shows that this type of ad tends to go right over your customer’s head.
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