Make sure you test all three types of offers

There are 3 TYPES OF OFFERS TO USE IN MARKETING - and all your marketing should carry some kind of offer.

That means you should be including offers in your people selling, in sales letters, on your website, in radio or newspaper advertising, on signs, on your vehicles, in your flyers, and so on. Many people make the mistake of avoiding using offers because when they think offer they immediately think “discount” and they do not want to use discounts for obvious reasons.
You will be relieved to know that discount is generally the least effective of all the three types of offer. However you need to test all three to ensure that you know which is most effective for you. The three types of offer are:
1.    FREE Information
Free information is generally the most effective of all offers. Right now you’re reading our free information. Because it’s helpful and informative you’ll probably be back for more. Each time you come back it confirms for you once again that you can trust us to give you worthwhile help. That means if you’re ever wanting to pay someone for marketing help you’ll almost certainly enquire about the services and products that they provide. With free information you earn the right to then make offers to your prospect which they can then consider.
2.    Value-Add or ‘Soft Cost’
This is where you give exceptional value to your prospect or customer but the cost to you is much less than the value to them. Your supplier might provide you with product for free or a low price that is of high perceived value to your customer. Or you may provide your customer with a service which costs you very little but is of high value to them. For example a signwriter might offer to clean the sign within the first 30 days because he always has staff driving around town from one job to another so getting them to stop off and give a sign a quick rub down costs very little, but seems exceptionally good service to the customer.
3.    Discount
This one is obvious. Make sure when you offer a discount that you state the original price, the new price and the amount they save. Also make sure you take note of the Fair Trade laws and do not state a discount if the price is actually the price you’re selling at anyway. Often there are better price reduction offers that may worth testing instead of a straight discount - i.e bulk buy deal, loyalty programme, package deal, etc.
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