Newsletters - a waste of time?

I used to think so too until I wrote one that INCREASED SALES BY 10%!

Customer newsletters can be a real bind to produce. You start off with a ‘hiss and a roar’, confident you’ll get an edition out every other month, and by issue two, you fall flat on your face. However, I have learned that they are worth the hassle if you do it right.
Since then I have tested many approaches and have learned there are FOUR RELIABLE WAYS TO GET BUSINESS FROM YOUR NEWSLETTER. Here they are:

1. Write about things people can buy from you, that’s the REAL news!
Pretend your newsletter is an ad, but in story form. Talk about products and services and give readers a reason to buy. Keep information about new staff members and company changes to a minimum. Your readers want to hear about what they can BUY! And how they will benefit if they do. A travel agency might tell explain they do internet booking for their customers to ensure they really do get a better price. A stock and station company might write about a new milking system that has proven to increase production.

2. Write the way you talk, it’s more interesting!
You don’t have to be an English pro to get more people reading what you write. Just write the way you talk. Chances are that when you talk to customers, they buy from you. Write like that in your newsletter and you’ll tell good long selling stories to thousands of customers at the same time.

3. If your customer only reads your newsletter’s headlines, will they want to buy?
80% of people ONLY read the headlines in ads and newsletters. So you need to tell your whole story in your headlines. If you don’t you will waste 80% of your money.

4. Twice as many people read captions under photos.
People look under every photo in your newsletter to read the caption. They are twice as likely to do that, as read your stories. So under every photo, make sure you tell a selling story. It’s not hard! E.g. “John Stevens saved this customer $150 by booking their travel over the internet.”

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