Radio - Does it work?

Here's 3 easy ways to GENERATE SALES from a radio campaign.

1. Don’t let the radio station get too clever, or grubby, and don’t let them rabbit on about your product – insist that your ads talk about what your customer is interested in!
Most radio ads are a waste of money! The problem isn’t with radio, it’s the people who write the ads. They don’t know how to make them sell! If you follow these tips, you can help them get it right. The first step is to ask yourself what your customers are really interested in, so that you can talk to them about it in your ad. 
For instance, if you sell pianos, don’t talk about how great they are! Your customers don’t just want a great piano, they want their children to learn to play one, or to play one themselves, or to add a special sound to their school orchestra. They are never interested in what you sell, they are only interested in themselves and what they can get out of what you sell.
So don’t be clever or funny in your ad, instead ask questions that get your customer thinking about what THEY are interested in, and then later they’ll start thinking about you. If you sell comfortable furniture, don’t talk about comfortable furniture – ask them how many times they sit down to watch TV and wish they were more comfortable. Or how often their favourite programme is spoiled by an uncomfortable chair?

2. If you don’t get sales from your radio ad after two days, CHANGE IT!
Spending more money on a bad ad will not make it work better. If your ad isn’t pulling sales after two days, it probably never will! As soon as you’re sure the ad isn’t working, run through this checklist and then call up the radio rep and tell them how to change the ad. Checklist: Is the ad talking to customers about what they are interested in, or is it just bragging about your product, store or staff? And what about a call to action – does the ad explain to your customer what you actually want them to do as a result of the ad? E.g. If you are selling a car, does the ad invite them to come in and test-drive it today?
3. Having a jingle from start to finish in your ad will not increase your sales!
While jingles can be amusing, humourous and entertaining, they're not going to make you run out and buy the advertised product, are they? A lot of people think that their jingle is their branding and this is how they are recognised by their customers. If you do insist on retaining a jingle, only have a few seconds of it (at the most) so you can get it out of the way and get on with the selling of your product or service!
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