TV Advertising - How small to medium sized businesses can succeed with low-budget ads

Here's 3 techniques that will help you make

1.   Keep your message hard-selling.
  • Don’t try to make your ad look flash  it costs too much and doesn’t work! ‘Professional’ looking ads will make you feel good, but seldom - if ever, boost sales. However, if you have enough common sense to expect results from your TV ads then avoid spending extra money to make your ad look flash.
  • Base your entire TV ad around the selling stories that already work for you in your business. Every day, you and your salespeople use ‘selling stories’ to lead your customers to buying products and services that will genuinely improve their lives. Those selling stories should be the life and soul of your TV ad. For instance, if you sell tractors, your selling story may be that the brand you sell has a warranty that covers ALL costs. If that’s the case, make that the central message of your TV ad. Holloway & Hudson have discovered that TV ads like that get results.
2.   Copy the infomercials – they sell the hardest!
  • Don’t use actors unless it’s really necessary – just get one of your staff speaking to the camera. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. All you need is a TV production company that uses a ‘Teleprompter’. This means you don’t have to remember your lines, you just read the script while you look at the camera.
  • Keep asking for the order ALL THE WAY THROUGH your AD. If you’ve ever been on a selling course, they will have told you to “close early and often.” That’s the major secret of the infomercials – from the very start of the ad they keep asking you to call their 0800 number and place an order.
  • 30 seconds is normally long enough – 60 seconds in extreme cases! Although the infomercials are minutes long, your ad doesn’t have to be. Provided you obey all the other rules of the infomercials (there are many more than we are able to list here), your TV ad can work in 30-60 seconds.
3.   Talk to your customer's needs, instead of your own
  • Your customer is NOT interested in your business – they’re human, which means they care most about themselves!  Research shows that the ads that work best concentrate on what the customer is interested in. So for instance, if you are a dentist, don’t talk in your ad about the new dentist who has just joined your staff (you care, but they don’t!). Talk instead about what interests your customers! They are ‘interested’ in the pain you might inflict on them. They are interested in what others will think of them when they smile. They are interested in the common belief that dentists are expensive. So talk about those things in your ad, and readership and response will increase!

How to use QUESTIONS as the headline in your TV advertising

These questions MAKE THE CUSTOMER AWARE OF THEIR NEED, instead of just bragging about your service the way most ads do.
  • Septic tank starting to stink? 
  • How long has it been since you had your septic tank cleaned? Don’t wait till it’s too late.
  • Do you have a wetback on your fireplace? Does hot water spurt onto your roof when the fire’s really hot?
  • Does the glass door on your log burner always soot up?
  • Do you own an older home, with rats in the roof? When was the last time you checked if your wiring was safe?
  • How often does your power go off?
  • Do you have any idea what will happen to your car if your fan belt breaks miles from the nearest garage? Do you know if AA carries a belt to fit your car? Do you have a spare belt of your own?
  • Did you know your car is not insured without a WOF? When is yours next due?
  • Do you know what happens when your engine seizes? When was the last time you had a grease and oil change?
  • Is your imported Nissan fitted with genuine Nissan brake pads?
  • Does your Japanese import have one of those annoying skinny spare tyres?
  • Did you promise yourself last year that you’d be in a new home when the New Year started? Are you?
  • Worried about all that news about leaky homes?
  • When some people think about a new home, they think of doing up someone else’s old place. Others think of something built exactly the way they’ve always dreamed it could be. Which sort of person are you?
  • Calling everyone who’d love a brand new 4WD, but definitely can’t afford one – are you sure about that?
  • Convertibles are too expensive and not practical in Tauranga’s weather, right? Right??
  • Ask your sales manager this question – how many sales did I lose last year because my teeth let me down in new business presentations?
  • Do you know how many men your age in Tauranga have advanced gum disease? Are you sure you don’t have it?
  • When you last exercised did it hurt? How long ago was that?
  • Hands up those brave enough to ask this question: How do I fix the brakes on my trailer? 
  • Do you know how to fix loose spokes on your kids push bikes?
  • Any idea how to fix a fuse that keeps breaking?
  • Sales managers! Sick of paying huge money for diaries that your staff don’t use?
  • How many times in the last 12 months has someone complained about how uncomfortable their office chair is?
  • Farmers: Would OSH be interested in your farm trailer?
  • Do you know how much rust has formed on the inside of the main supports on your boat trailer?
  • Do you have three yachts, but only one car? Ever thought about altering your trailer so it could take all three boats?
  • Ever been told by a friend that the purchase price on their boat was the best money they’d ever spent?
  • Is your friend’s lounge suite much more comfortable than yours?
  • Did you make the mistake of buying a chair you can’t get comfortable in?
  • Do you have a piece of furniture – a chair maybe – that you love, but it just doesn’t go in your lounge?
  • Does the lighting in your home make you feel tense or tired?
  • Ever noticed how your home looks wonderful during the day, but your night-lights make some rooms look awful?
"The single common denominator in all these questions is that they put the focus back on your customer and their needs.  That’s always the best way to open the sale."
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Fantastic results from a low-cost TV ad


Waiotahi Beach Estate needed to boost the sales of their properties on the East Coast, so Holloway & Hudson developed an inexpensive television commercial that delivered fantastic results they needed and more! For more success stories like this click here.
3 reasons your TV ads may not be working

"It always amazes people in our marketing seminars when we tell them that the best-known ads often don’t sell! They are flabbergasted when they discover that many popular ads on TV, or in newspapers, are designed to do something advertising people call ‘brand building’ and are not expected to have a measurable effect on sales."
1. If your TV ad is boring and doesn’t get to the point fast enough, it will confuse viewers.

Too many TV ads feature boring footage of the business, the customers and the staff, and everyone looks very happy! This impresses you, but not your customers. They watch local ads to see if you have anything worth buying. All this happy people nonsense leaves your viewer confused – do you have something you want to talk to them about in your ad, or not? To avoid confusion in your TV ad, get to the point early and tell them exactly what it is you want to sell them, why they should buy it, and how they should respond.
2. If you try to be funny or clever in your TV ad, your viewers may not understand you.
Many viewers have no idea what those clever or funny big-budget ads are trying to sell them. Which means they’re certainly not going to understand your low-budget attempt at the same approach. So give up trying to be a comedian, or adding a ‘twist’ to your ad. They normally go right over the viewer’s head. Just stick to the point and tell them what you want them to know. They can watch a funny movie if they need a good laugh.
3. If you don’t ask for the order, you will confuse your viewers.
Imagine a salesman comes to your office, makes an excellent presentation, then packs up his briefcase, shakes your hand and leaves without ever asking for the order. You’d be confused wouldn’t you?!
The same thing happens to your customer when you show them an ad that tells an excellent selling story, communicates all the benefits, but then ‘packs up and leaves’ without asking for the order. To fix this problem, include an 0800 number, or some other way for them to respond.
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