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We could talk about our business and our services until the cows come home but we're sure that you're far more likely to want to listen to what our customers and clients have to say about us.


“The team at HHB did a great job marketing to us. Their approach to growing their own customer base made us think "well if they can do the same for us, let's get on board". We like the integrated approach; they quickly became part of the team, and are helping drive our sales and marketing strategy and keep us on track. With our more focused sales process we are converting new customers too.

This wasn't the 'easy way out' for us; it has involved change and effort which was made clear going in. It feels good to be winning".

Greg Rodger
TR Industries Ltd


“Holloways use of smart marketing tactics to gain our attention became the talk of the office and therefore we decided it was worth giving our time for an initial meeting with their team. They presented a very clear value-add to the business, if they could do what they said they could.

Metalform / Tow and Farm have been employing the service and support of Holloways for over 18 months and consider the company like a team-member – not a supplier. The depth they become involved in our company and product, is a huge value-add to the big picture – and very important.

The industry in which we are working within, and our product offering is quite disruptive in the agricultural scene which means the sales technique is quite complex. The product [Tow and Fert] follows quite a mindset change with the purchaser, personally, commercially, emotionally and agronomically. Holloways have helped map and standardise this process thoroughly for our sales personnel at a very high level.

The last 18 months has been a time of immense change and hard work – but as Holloways have always said, “It’s usually the simple, hard things that render the best results compared to the easy, scattergun approach”.

Having marketing material to use at all sections of the sales road map has been a great asset to the team and given the sale personnel full confidence in the process. In summary, we have created a partnership with Holloways and their wide scope of expertise in the marketing space has improved our process and most of all – bottom line.

Tim Henman
Sales & Marketing Manager
Metalform / Tow and Farm


PF Olsen is New Zealand’s largest independent forestry services provider. Holloways has assisted PF Olsen to develop and implement our marketing strategy for several years. I am impressed with their hands-on approach and practical solutions.

They interact well with our staff at all levels and locations throughout our business and provide a consistent approach to new work development. They provide an excellent sounding board for our ideas as well as providing innovative ideas of their own. They have quickly grasped our situation and sector, which has enabled them to provide workable solutions rather than just marketing ideas.

Scott Downs
Director of Sales & Marketing
PF Olsen


“We have been working with Holloways for coming up three years now. Initially we were a bit apprehensive about getting an ‘outsider’ so deeply engrained in our sales and marketing functions, however two years in now we couldn’t be happier with the service we get and place a huge amount of value in the outsider perspective and support we get across all our sales and marketing disciplines.

In recent years our business and industry has under gone some major changes, creating a number of different challenges and opportunities for new service offerings. Holloways played an important role in helping us to navigate these changes and in the process have coordinated, streamlined and added key direction across our marketing and sales plans. Marketing aside, one of the unique aspects we place a huge amount of value on from Holloways is the importance placed on remaining sales focused via regular training, coaching and systems development to ensure our sales strategies operate in conjunction with marketing. For this reason, it’s the sales and marketing cross over that we see as most beneficial and ultimately makes Holloways unique and effective at what they do.

Being a service provider in a progressive industry, our marketing and sales strategies are vitally important to us and with Holloways no longer being a ‘outsider’ we see them continuing to play a key role in our overall success and growth plans.”

Richelle Rowe
General Manager – Sales
Life Care Consultants

“On the back of a major rebrand and change in direction for our company, Holloways have helped us co-ordinate, streamline and add discipline across all our advertising and marketing activities, as well as shown us a different approach to integrating our sales and marketing strategies. They’ve trained all of our sales people and written, designed and coordinated all our marketing efforts (online, digital, TV, print, radio and more). Being a retailer, our advertising, marketing and sales strategies are an integral part of our business and Holloways play a vital role in our overall success and ongoing growth.”

Trevor Preston
CEO - Appliance Plus / ECL Group

“We utilise the services of Holloways. They have always been awesome to deal with, right from the initial meeting and all the way through to the weekly development sessions for Marketing, Sales and Training.

Giving us structure in the sales / booking process to ensure our growing business follows a path in which all new members in the administration team can easily follow. The graphics department is fantastic and nothing is ever too hard for them to design.

Since engaging with Holloways the business has increased tremendously. We also have fixed running costs with Holloways which is great for a growing and developing business, enabling us to budget and allocate funds accordingly.”

Daniel Fulton
Managing Director
Fulton Swim School

“Holloways have been a part of our business for the past 6 years. Marketing used to be scary, now it’s fun and produces results! Thanks Holloways for your professional approach and solutions that work.”

Shayne O’Hagan
Ideal Cars

"Holloways is able to provide an interesting and exciting approach to advertising campaigns.  Their approach is derived from years of experience of Mark Holloway.  Mark understands the difference in which small to medium business’ need to apply marketing compared with the large companies, with million dollar advertising budgets.

With Holloways it is really refreshing to have an account manager who is able to identify with our products and services and what we are trying to achieve, and show complete commitment to us, with setting goals and working with us to achieve them.

Their ‘ownership’ of our marketing really comes across, as they always refer to us as ‘we’ during discussions and updates with sales and advertising campaigns.

In addition, we have had great ideas presented to us to implement on our website.  This is exciting as the internet is how customers research and shop these days, and through Holloways we will have a website that will be informative and interactive."

Paul Farrell
Coastal Motorhomes and Caravans Ltd

“Throughout the consultancy, Holloway’s has helped us to improve our sales training. We now have a much shorter sales process and the sales training has helped us to sell even more! Our testing and measuring has also identified campaigns which we know work for our business.”

Tony Hill
Tuaropaki Communications

To all the Holloway Team,

We have been involved with your team for almost a year now and it has been an unforgettable experience.

As a smaller Plumbing company with eight employees we have always relied on our reputation to bring in work and have never seen the need to spend money on marketing, (we didn’t notice the market changing).

However looking back over the past year I now have a clear picture of how far our company could have gone with good marketing systems in place and wish we had opened our eyes sooner.

Any marketing we did in the past was restricted to “Hit & Miss” advertising in newspapers, Yellow pages, Magazines etc. We had no idea where our work came from or how effective our advertising was. The Holloway approach has produced greater results at no extra cost and has bought us closer to our clients than any other attempt we ever had.

Working with you has been one of the best investments I have ever made in our Business and the single biggest challenge it has created is “How to handle the number of leads” which we were not prepared for. Thank you again, we look forward to working with you again in and taking our business to another level. 


Ralph McBeth
McBeth Plumbing & Gas

“We’ve found the planned marketing that Holloways have suggested as a real insight into our marketing. We’ve got our team doing the sales training which we’ve found to be a huge success. The whole team is taught to take part and share experiences as well as learning the key steps to actually closing a sale and it’s a really cost effective way to increase our sales. We’re seeing great results so far.”

Jason and Kim Barry
Linkup Paints (BOP) Limited

“I’ve already learned heaps about my business. We are going to have much more control over our advertising and marketing now, and I’m excited about that...I have been inspired to work on my marketing and got my team involved with coming up with ideas and letting them know what we will be focusing on.”

Sara-Lee Sisson
Stewart Motors

“What you’ve given us is as much coaching as it is marketing advice. The marketing advice will work to increase our sales because of the coaching you’ve included in this programme."

Peter Dunkin
PCD Fire Systems

“You taught me all the things I already knew but had no system to make them happen! Thanks to you we’re going to be able to build a system that makes our whole sales team do all the things we know we should to increase our sales – but just never get around to.”

Gordon Smith
Direct Group/Stitch-It Embroidery

“With the Holloway consultancy, I found their approach professional and easy to understand. We ran 20 press ads (and more because they worked) and found several key products that always sell. The approach is different and it’s common sense and that’s what I like.”

Ashley Milliken
Ashley Milliken Furniture Court

"The first month of the Holloway programme involved a discovery period where both Holloways and I learnt more about our business and our secret strengths.  A very professional marketing plan was compiled and written at the end of three months.  This document is a very useful asset and formed the base for the marketing programme"

Phil Sinton
Managing Director
E W Sinton Ltd

“Holloway’s way of portraying Credit Union on TV has brought people through the door, and a big gain in business”.

Dave Oliver
Credit Union
Mt Maunganui

“I saw the Holloway’s ad and I knew that if they could give me what they said they could, it would be a huge boost for my new business. I met the team and after talking to them they were able to produce an ad for me which has had fantastic sales results - just what they promised, and a great start for my new business!”

Wendy Talbot
“We used Holloway’s’ Scientific Advertising approach for 11 years and it always worked for us.”

Brian Scantlebury
"When we use Holloways our advertising almost always brings surprising results. What's more, our competitors all over the country comment on what we are doing".

Warren Huband
Hubands Retravision

"Holloway is mad about advertising. He believes good advertising to be the solution for the commercial world’s ills. I have watched him create fresh, effective advertising messages for years and consider him one of the best in the business."

Kennedy Warne
New Zealand Geographic
Steffan Hudson

Holloways team photo Jan-2021

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