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Are you sure your marketing efforts are actually working?
Do you know the conversion rate of your sales team?


If you can’t answer yes, without a doubt in your mind, to those two questions, don’t worry, you’re not alone!


A common problem many businesses have is not knowing what is working now or has worked in the past when it comes to their sales, marketing and advertising efforts. Believe it or not, it’s actually just as important to know what doesn’t work. When you know what doesn’t work, it gives you the knowledge to be able to focus your time, money and energy on the things that do work.

As marketing goes hand-in-hand with sales, it’s integral to ensure you know how well the sales function of your business is working and converting. When you break down the sales process your customers go through, it’s possible to see where they are dropping off. And when you know where the weak spots are, you can work to strengthen them in order to maximise how many customers actually buy from you. 

Not sure where to start and how to figure all that out? That’s where we come in, our FREE Sales and Marketing Evaluation is the perfect step for you.

How can a Sales and Marketing Evaluation help you?

  • What’s involved? When you book a free Sales and Marketing Evaluation with us, you’ll get a two-hour meeting with one of our sales and marketing specialists. During this meeting we will ask you all sorts of questions about your business, your sales trends and your current and past marketing efforts. But one of the most important questions we will ask you is about your goals. We want to know what you want to achieve with your marketing and why. There’s no point doing marketing just for the sake of it, you need a goal and a reason to keep you focused on the big picture. The thing is, once we know the answers to some of these questions, we will be able to tell you where you need to focus your time, effort and money.
  • What do you get? What you’ll leave this meeting with is a marketing strategy for your business – a list of practical suggestions of steps to take in order to achieve your goals. We will also guide you in the right direction of which areas in your business you need to focus on as a top priority. You’ll gain more clarity around your business, what your secret strengths are, what actions to take immediately to gain traction where you need it the most, and a list of activities we recommend to build a strong marketing strategy that will help you meet your specific sales and business goals.

With the way the market is right now, a lot of businesses are scared to spend money on marketing, especially if they don’t know if it’s going to work, and when things get tight, the marketing budget is normally the first to go. However, what most businesses don’t realise is that there are a number of low-cost ways to market to prospects and existing customers to increase your profits. Because when business is down, you need a smart and measurable marketing strategy, backed by the right sales systems, to turn things around.

Whether it’s advice on generating leads, sales conversion, increasing your average dollar sale, pulling your customers back more frequently, maximising margins, or even the systems within your business, this free no obligation evaluation will get you going in the direction you need to be heading in order to move forward and ensure you are getting a return on your marketing spend and time.

You will get more ideas in these two hours about how you can increase business profits than you would normally get in two months!

To book your FREE Sales & Marketing Evaluation click here to email us or call (07) 579 3645. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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9 Common Questions About Working with Us

So, who are Holloway Hudson Burgess (HHB)?

HHB is a unique Business Growth Consultancy founded in 1986. The company was formed to help privately owned businesses achieve measurable growth through their sales and marketing efforts. We help businesses across New Zealand and Australia get consistent, reliable and sustainable improvements from their sales teams and marketing.

Unlike others who try to occupy this space HHB have shown proven expertise in all three disciplines required to increase profitable sales (1) sales systemisation and coaching, (2) measurable marketing, and (3) strategic yet practical business advice.

Why does my business need HHB?

There are three parts to your business, 'Getting the work', 'Doing the work' and 'Getting the money'. If you want reliable long-term growth 'Getting the work' needs to be just as systemised as 'Doing the work' and 'Getting the money'. In most businesses this isn't the case which is why companies hire HHB to achieve long-term sustainable growth. To make that happen we systemise your sales processes, regularly coach your sales and customer service staff and test and measure your marketing until you are spending less for every sale it brings in.

When getting the work is systemised you can turn the workflow on, and off as needed. This allows you to stay ahead of your competitors and reduces the risks normally associated with investing in growth - you can go ahead and invest knowing you have control over how much work comes in. Accountants love our tested methods of making growth more consistent, reliable and sustainable.

How are HHB able to help businesses, even those already at the top of their game, to sell measurably more?

The answer to that is quite simple: We do what sports coaches do to help the best athletes get even better - they study what the athlete is already doing right and get them doing more of it. In the example of HHB, your business is the athlete and we work alongside the people in your company who already sell the most. We draw out their strengths (which are often unknown to them) and get other team members doing what they do - then we coach them to make sure they keep doing the things that work.

Plus, we use low cost marketing to tell the selling stories your best people already tell. Marketing always works better when it says to lots of people; what your best people say to one person at a time.

What results have other businesses seen?
  • Reductions in workload, better bottom lines, sales teams that are easier to manage and deliver more consistent results - and the ability to make informed marketing decisions.

  • A New Zealand farm equipment company experienced a year-on-year growth in sales of 25% after we systemised their sales approach, coached their people used testing to uncover the things that now make their marketing work better.

  • A New Zealand engineering company achieved record sales when we systemised their sales approach and coached their reps.

  • An Australian swimming pool manufacturer had us coach salespeople across their 37 dealers and saw sales increase by 12% when their industry was experiencing a downturn. They also experienced significant improvements in all key areas of their marketing - their website is now the most popular swimming pool website in Australia, their social media generates enormousweb traffic and their 'How to Buy a Pool' Guide, generates record enquiry.

  • A small New Zealand company selling broadbandsatellites to farmers with poor internet saw sales go from three units per month, to ninety when we systemised their sales approach, coached their team and improved their marketing.

  • A group of privately owned NZ retail stores saw their sales team achieving a consistent approach and their marketing spend reduce

What do you mean our marketing will be measurable?

Do you get frustrated with marketing measurement charts that talk of 'impressions', 'click-throughs' and other metrics that are almost impossible to relate to your bottom-line results? HHB measure the things that are actually important in business - the number of quality new leads your marketing is generating, how many of those leads your team are converting to a sale and whether the average value of each sale is increasing.

We'll do that measuring with you. Our teams will work together to measure the five areas that are most important to the growth of your business: The number of new leads you are able to talk to, how many of them you convert, the average size of your sales, repeat business and referrals, and your bottom line. Then each month we'll decide together what improvements still need to be made to both your sales approach and your marketing.

How will I find the time?

How serious are you about achieving change? Great results aren't easy to achieve, otherwise everyone would be achieving them. But they are possible with the right approach and effort. The first few months of the change will be the hardest, not because of extra work, but because the tasks and the thinking around your sales and marketing approach will be different. We'll teach your people to stop doing the things that don't work and start doing the things that do. You won't work more, you'll work differently.

Will I have one point of contact at HHB?

Yes, that's imperative to getting the best results from the HHB system - you will have your own HHB Consultant. That person will produce your sales and marketing framework and then carry out the work necessary to achieve your goals - your consultant will systemise your sales approach with your team, coach and support your people regularly and plan, write and coordinate your marketing including social media, digital, web, video, and print. And where appropriate, radio and TV.

Your consultant has been rigorously trained in all HHB systems, is expert at delivering them and is already involved working with other HHB clients.

Your consultant will meet with you weekly to plan the work for that week and report on the last. Then during the rest of the week they will work with your people and on your marketing to complete the projects they plan with you in the weekly meeting

What are the different services I will get from HHB as part of this programme?
  • All training and coaching of your sales team including:

    • Sales mapping
    • Sales systemisation
    • Sales training and coaching
    • CRM setup, training and support in maintaining it
    • Sales management coaching
  • Social media management

  • Online marketing - newsletters and direct mail

  • Google Ads - Search, Display, Remarketing and Shopping campaigns

  • Websites - new builds, overhauls, ongoing maintenance and SEO

  • Videos for website use, social media, online marketing, and sales presentations

  • Editorial and copywriting

  • Direct Mail campaigns

  • Existing brand improvements and overhauls

  • Graphic design and branding

  • Tradeshow and Field Day Stand design, POS, handout material and training for show stand attendants

  • Company profiles, brochures and all other printed collateral

  • Product user guides for your customers

  • Newspaper, radio and TV advertising

  • Billboards and signage

  • Advice and coaching for management in areas relevant to achieving your growth goals (E.G. time management, staff culture, recruitment)

What guarantee is there that HHB will give me the results I want?

We have structured our service so that instead of receiving large bills for different projects, you pay a fixed monthly fee which you can cancel when you want. That guarantees that sales and marketing costs never get out of hand and allows for accurate budgeting and forecasting.

We also guarantee that after the initial two-month period you can cancel our service, for any reason, with 90 days' notice.

All of the above means we are constantly guaranteeing that you will only be employing HHB if you are happy with our service, finding it valuable and feel it is positively supporting you in the attainment of your wider business and personal goals.

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