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Mark’s passion, and his methods for increasing our client’s sales are legendary: Holloway’s unique sales systemisation and coaching techniques – coupled with effective marketing – are transforming business’s fortunes in NZ and Australia.

Mark believes in sales. People who hear him talk on the subject get excited. It’s hard not to. His message is that sales is the hub that the commercial world turns on. Obvious, right? Actually no. Most companies are in the business of doing what they do, not selling what they do. He points out that you can have the best product or service, but if your selling system is mediocre, and the people who talk to customers are not regularly coached, then you will achieve way below your potential.

If a business believes in what they sell, it’s their responsibility to be good at selling – life is too short, he says, to have a fantastic product or service yet always come second (or worse) because your sales approach is disorganised, and your people aren’t effectively monitored and managed.

Mark’s distaste for corporate cookie-cutter sales training methods and their typically fluffy marketing have made him few friends in the corporate world, but business owners in both countries continue to see significant gains as a result of his methods.

Mark and his two partners, Steffan Hudson and Gareth Burgess, have developed a unique mix of sales systemisation, sales coaching and scientific marketing that is bringing life back into business.

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P:  (07) 579 3645
249 State Highway 2,
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