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From his controversial stunts on politics in the local rag, to the tales and adventures of his beloved Harley Davidson and his passionate divisive take on Advertising, it’s possible that you’ve heard of Mark Holloway.

Mark's larger than life personality is certainly infectious and his overly active creative mind has him wildly jotting down a flurry of ideas that often come to him in the middle of the night. While not every scheme is practical it’s the job of Marks team to decipher the “flurry” and channel into structured plans that will get results for the clients. Mark is always thinking of the end goal. Increasing sales of our clients and thinking about what steps we will take to achieve the desire result.

Mark is obsessive about advertising that works. Always full of enthusiasm and stories, he's the great encourager of the work environment. A great, powerful and creative salesman, with years advertising notched on his belt, Mark's always keen to sell you a new idea or concept. Outside of work he enjoys sailing, hiking and riding his beloved Harley off into the sunset.

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Mark Holloway
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P:  (07) 579 3645
249 State Highway 2,
  Tauranga 3110