D.I.Y Marketing Bootcamp

Holloway Bootcamp Stamp-01Want to GROW YOUR BUSINESS but can't afford expensive marketing? 



If you are passionate about the success of your business, but feel you need a kick-start to get you going - the D.I.Y Marketing Bootcamp Programme is exactly what you need. When implemented correctly, this programme will help you gain significant increases in sales, and provide you with the necessary tools to apply our approach to all aspects of your sales and marketing.


1.   Allocate you a consultant

Once you come on board, we will allocate you a consultant for the 8 week programme whom will work with you on developing your own sales and marketing strategies. Your consultant is available to you throughout the programme to provide extra feedback, and help you to learn the Holloway & Hudson approach and how to apply it to your own business.

2.   Coach you to plan, write, design, implement and systemise your marketing

As the name suggests, this is a ‘do-it-yourself’ marketing programme which is designed to challenge your ideas about marketing and ‘unteach’ many of the bad habits the marketing industry has ‘fooled’ you into thinking is the best way to write, design and implement your marketing.
We’ve spent 30 years testing and measuring and learning from our own marketing mistakes to develop our approach. We have a very structured process that when followed methodically is proven to generate results for any business irrespective of size and industry.  JUST REMEMBER - THE ONLY THING THAT STANDS BETWEEN YOU AND SUCCESS – IS YOU!

3.   Training workbook and reading material

Our experienced consultants have developed a long list of ’dos and don'ts over the years when it comes to running a particular marketing campaign or writing a particular piece of marketing material. As part of the D.I.Y programme, you'll receive a copy of our “Marketing Toolbox” which is designed to provide simple-to-understand and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how to design and run a particular marketing initiative (i.e website, newsletter, radio, customer evening, etc) as well as practical tips on how to write headlines, copy and systemise your selling process.

The Marketing Toolbox is a very valuable and practical resource and is not just another book destined to collect dust on your bookshelf!

4.    2 x full 1-day training workshops

Workshop #1
This workshop is designed to open your eyes to results driven marketing by establishing where you are in business, where you want to be and how you can get there. We will teach you the essentials of an effective marketing plan and strategy as well as the fundamentals of scientific advertising so you can write advertising material that generates results.
Workshop #2
In this workshop, we will teach you the four steps to a successful sales approach and how to systemise your selling process to get greater returns from all members of your team. During this session, we will also look at ways to increase profits by improving systems. Find out how you can run your business more efficiently, and utilise these gains to get greater returns in all aspects of your business.

5.   HOT DEAL - get a $500 design and copywriting voucher

Enroll now, and as part of your package we will give you a $500 voucher to put towards professional copywriting and design services. Terms and conditions apply.


Uncover the true strengths of your business and turn them into your own Marketing Action Plan
  • Developing realistic marketing goals (time spent, revenue and profit margin).

  • Uncovering the reasons people buy from you now.

  • How to apply the 4 steps to a successful sale to your selling processes.

  • Evaluating your current and past marketing.

  • Tools to develop your own marketing strategy.

  • Brief overview of campaign ideas.

The types of marketing that works for small to medium businesses.
  • Why the marketing of small to medium business needs to differ from big corporations.

  • The basics of good copywriting.

  • Testing, measuring and putting systems in place to be able to do so.

  • Efficiently.

Your businesses systems – the key to improving your business value.
  • How to stop stealing your own profits.

  • The importance of a systemised business.


Want to talk to us for FREE?

Our Free Marketing Evaluation means you get one on one time with one of Holloway and Hudson's experienced Marketing Consultants who will work with you for two hours to ensure your business is equipped with the tools to move forward.

If it's more customers you need to read your newsletters, newspaper ads and brochures…we’ll show you how. We’ll provide you with an in depth evaluation of your current marketing and then tips and tricks on how to really get the ball rolling.

A common problem many businesses have is not knowing what has worked in the past when marketing, not to mention what hasn’t worked. Believe it or not, both are just as important as each other. If you know what does not work, you will have a good basis to work with when figuring out what not to continue on with in the future. If you want a starting point, a place that you use as a base to build your marketing, ensuring it goes from strength to strength book in for your FREE Marketing Evaluation

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Many businesses like yours have completed the DIY PROGRAMME - they got way more than they bargained for!
“The DIY programme is a must for all small businesses! Great value for money spent.” 

Sophia Ward
Curtis Growers

“The DIY programme was interesting and made me really think about my attitude with the business, people, clients and sales.”

Teresa Hayden
Matamata Vets

“After attending the DIY programme I realised it had opened my mind up to focusing on what we do well and what we could do better.”

Ryan Rapana
Bubba’s Fishing and Outdoors
“I’ve already learned heaps about my business. We are going to have much more control over our advertising and marketing now, and I’m excited about that.”
Sara-Lee, Stewart Motors, Whakatane
“What you’ve given us is as much coaching as it is marketing advice. The marketing advice will work to increase our sales because of the coaching you’ve included in this programme."

Peter, PCD Fire Systems

“You taught me all the things I already knew but had no system to make them happen! Thanks to you we’re going to be able to build a system that makes our whole sales team do all the things we know we should to increase our sales – but just never get around to.”

Gordon Smith, Direct Group/Stitch-It Embroidery

“Went to Holloways DIY Marketing Course today in Tauranga – it was amazing! We got info crammed down our throats. I’m looking forward to marketing now, and I feel confident knowing I have the support of the Holloway team.”

Isaac Ludlow, Ludlow Homes, Hamilton
6 objectives of our ‘DO-IT-YOURSELF’ Marketing Programme
  1. That the D.I.Y Programme will pay for itself with savings alone.

  2. That you will learn which marketing to stop and which to continue.

  3. That you will learn to easily write your own sales-boosting marketing.

  4. That you will gain a renewed passion and excitement for your business.

  5. That your sales increases will be big enough to measure!

  6. That you will have your own personalized Marketing Plan.

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