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Marketing is an investment. Which means every brochure, letter, website or show stand needs to generate a return! If it's not contributing to a measurable sales increase then it's not working!

If you need help creating effective marketing material, then our team of Consultants, Copy Writers and Graphic Designers can help get you on the right path. We start by helping you to determine what marketing approaches are most logical for your business. Then we help you collate the most effective sales message to use in your marketing material so that it's more likely to work. Once we're happy that we are saying and doing the right things, we hand the reigns over to our talented Graphic Designers who bring your marketing material to life!

Like the way we look at advertising and marketing a bit differently, but UNSURE HOW TO APPLY IT TO YOUR BUSINESS?

Over the past 35 years, we have created a long list of dos and don'ts when it comes to producing marketing material across a wide range of media. We have a full team of trained consultants and graphic designers, so if you like our results-driven style of marketing and have a specific project we could help with, then we’d be more than happy to help.

4 questions to ask yourself BEFORE COMMITTING TO ANY MARKETING

1.   WHO do we want to talk to?
This question helps you decide the sorts of people you want to talk to. Unsurprisingly, these are normally the same sorts of people who already buy from you, or the people who influence your customers to buy from you.
2.  WHAT do we want to tell them?
Don’t get clever. Answer the questions like your mum would -  you want to tell the customer the same things that work now when you are talking to them one at a time - remember marketing is just mass communication of what already works.
3.  WHAT do we want them to do?
Believe it or not, the answer to this question is not “buy from us”. Of course that’s what you want eventually, but in real life there are normally a few other steps that need to take place first.
4.  HOW do we tell them?
Should you do a newspaper ad, brochure, radio ads, a customer evening, a website? Should you make a phone call or a visit? The mistake most businesses make, and the reason most of their marketing fails is they started at the wrong end and ask question four first.

It's so important you ask the RIGHT question in the RIGHT order! Most people go wrong by starting with the final step! 


Want to talk to us for FREE?

Our Free Marketing Evaluation means you get one on one time with one of Holloway & Hudson's experienced Marketing Consultants who will work with you for two hours to ensure your business is equipped with the tools to move forward.

If its more customers you need to read your newsletters, newspaper ads and brochures…we’ll show you how. We’ll provide you with an in depth evaluation of your current marketing and then tips and tricks on how to really get the ball rolling.

A common problem many businesses have is not knowing what has worked in the past when marketing, not to mention what hasn’t worked. Believe it or not both are just as important as each other. If you know what does not work, you will have a good basis to work with when figuring out what not to continue on with in the future. If you want a starting point, a place that you use as a base to build your marketing, ensuring it goes from strength to strength book in for your FREE Marketing Evaluation

Mark Holloway
80% of people will read HEADLINES
  • The most important thing in your headline is a Reticular Activating Device.
  • You must never run a headline without an appeal.

10% of people want to look at PICTURES and CAPTIONS
  • Make it easy to see detail of how the product works, why it is so strong, so comfortable, so long lasting, etc.
  • Newspapers have taught people to look for captions with every image. More people read captions than the actual copy.

5% of people will read up to 1500 words of COPY
  • First 50 words most important. People will read up to 1500 words.
  • Short sentences better. ONLY write what interests the customer.

20% of people are strongly attracted to an OFFER
  • Must TEST the three types of offer.
  • Discounting price not normally best.

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