Marketing Consultancy

Boost your sales and profits and turn your business into a MARKETING AND SALES MACHINE!

Our Marketing Consultants WRITE, DESIGN and PROJECT MANAGE all of your marketing.

Not only that. They'll help you test and measure every single marketing campaign and they teach your people to sell more effectively. On top of that, you'll get the work of our graphic design studio to ensure all your pieces of marketing and sales materials are professionally developed and implemented.

If your business adopts this wonderful way to take control of marketing, your Consultant will call you every week at a predetermined time. They will spend the first six weeks learning everything they can about your business. We call this the 'discovery period' and it allows us to learn the reasons why your customers buy from you already. We call these your 'secret strengths' and without them your marketing will never work anywhere near as well as it could.

Then your Marketing Consultant writes a marketing plan just for your business - this is not some 'stuffy' document, but rather a blueprint for what you and your Consultant are going to do to build growth in your business.

Your marketing plan also includes a complete timeline of when your marketing campaigns should start and finish, how they will be tested and measured, and an idea of any third party costs that will be involved in printing, advertising, etc. Once this is all agreed to by yourself and your Consultant, they then turn around and start implementing it - they plan, write, design, measure and coordinate all of your marketing, as well as systemise and train you, your business and your team.

5 ways a MARKETING CONSULTANCY can bring growth to your business!

1. We do our homework first
Instead of rushing in and making ads, brochures and websites, Holloway & Hudson will spend a month asking questions first. This allows us find out WHICH MESSAGES ARE LIKELY TO WORK in marketing and advertising - and just as importantly, what doesn't.
2. We train you and your team to sell
When a business gets an increase in enquiry, it can be quite common to have trouble converting all the enquiry further. As a result, they lose most of the potential new sales. We teach you how to sell before the demand starts.  
3. We test and measure MANY different ways to market
To increase sales, your business needs to have five or more SUCCESSFUL WAYS to generate new leads. We keep testing until that happens for you.
4. We don’t stop training your people to sell, ever!
We keep training them, we keep measuring their results and keep helping them to improve. Training once is not enough!   
5. We build an inventory of what works for you (and what doesn’t)
Your business keeps repeating its failures because you never record them. We record all your marketing results, the success and the failures, so you NEVER REPEAT THE FAILURES again.  

Have you realised that your BUSINESS SURVIVES IN SPITE OF YOUR MARKETING, and not because of it?

If you want your marketing to work, it will have to be much more sensible and basic than most of the things you’re doing right now.

The good news is that the simpler things cost less!  Here are four steps to SPENDING LESS and getting RESULTS FROM YOUR MARKETING.

1. THINK OF EVERYTHING YOU DO (TO MAKE A SALE) AS MARKETING - it’s not just ads and websites, it’s also phone calls to follow up a quote.
What you say when you phone a prospect, has more chance of getting you a customer than most ads ever will. The same goes for customer evenings – did you know that even discount retailers like Noel Leeming and Harvey Norman get most of their sales from repeat business? Getting the phone numbers and emails of everyone who ever buys from you is much more important than running an ad. Are you doing that?

And what about phone calls to customers just to ask them if they were happy with the panel beating job you did for them, or the way you mowed their lawn, or the jacket, or lounge suite or pet puppy they bought from you. I guarantee you’ll get more sales doing that than from many of the ads you’ve run. Shyness is no excuse! Michael Hill was painfully shy, but look at him go!

2. TEST AND MEASURE EVERYTHING YOU DO - but keep it simple!
You don’t need to get clever. For instance; say you phone 100 past customers and invite them to a special evening. If 20 of them say they are interested, jot that statistic down – (100 calls/20 said yes = 20% conversion rate). You didn’t need a computer for that did you!
  • Just before the customer evening you’ll need to phone them again to check they’re still coming. If half of them say they can’t make it, jot that down too – (20 followup calls/10 confirmations = 50% conversion rate)
  • Those figures tell you what to expect next time. If you want 30 people at your customer evening you’ll need to call 300 people. But don’t panic – many businesses get better results with smaller numbers.

3. MOST OF YOUR BUSINESS COMES FROM REFERRALS -  so say in your marketing the same things you say to people you talk to in person.
The reason your ads, emails, letters and websites fail is because the message is wrong. Let’s be honest, most of them don’t even have much of a message – just a list of why you’re so good, or so cheap or so fast or whatever. Who cares? Your customers don’t, they care only about themselves.

4. WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT TO SAY it will be obvious what sort of marketing you need to use.
The best way I can demonstrate this is to carry on the example of the mechanic. Now he knows he needs to give advice, just like he gives in person, but this time in his marketing. Marketing will allow him to give that advice to more people. Marketing is just mass communication. He could give that sort of advice in a newspaper ad, but that would cost him a lot. What if he was to hold a customer evening, a kind of mini night class on how to spot problems with your car before they happen and save money on repair costs as a result? Or if he’s too shy, to do that he could get someone he knows, who is not so shy, to do a wee YouTube video on the same subject and then email it out to all his customers who say they’d like to have that information. Pretty soon they’ll be flicking it to their mates. Excellent marketing and just about FREE!


Want to talk to us for FREE?

Our Free Marketing Evaluation means you get one on one time with one of our Holloway, Hudson & Burgess experienced Marketing Consultants who will work with you for two hours to ensure your business is equipped with the tools to move forward.

If its more customers you need to read your newsletters, newspaper ads and brochures…we’ll show you how. We’ll provide you with an in depth evaluation of your current marketing and then tips and tricks on how to really get the ball rolling.

A common problem many businesses have, is not knowing what has worked in the past when marketing - not to mention what hasn’t worked. Believe it or not both are just as important as each other. If you know what does not work, you will have a good basis to work with when figuring out what not to continue on with in the future. If you want a starting point, a place that you use as a base to build your marketing, ensuring it goes from strength to strength book in for your FREE Marketing Evaluation.

We'll teach you how to use these FIVE MAGIC BOXES in your marketing to bring more results:
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