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We hate pushy sales people as much as anyone else – BUT THERE IS ANOTHER WAY TO SELL!

We can teach you the 4 simple steps to building better relationships with your customers, converting more sales, and boosting repeat business. You don’t have to be a slick sales person to be good at selling - you just need the desire to HELP your customers get what they need.


One mistake many businesses make, is pinning all their hopes on “my next ad will bring ‘em all in”. The truth is, an increase in enquiry is only a small part in the equation of increasing sales and profitability. If you have an increase in enquiry, it does not necessarily mean you are going to have more sales. Your ability to sell is directly correlated to your success, so it pays to invest the time in the development of strong selling strategies that you and your team can easily follow.

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling big-ticket items or small, you will learn that every sale goes through four simple steps. These steps may be known by different names but here we call them TRUST, NEED, HELP and CLOSE.
STEP ONE: Building trust
It doesn’t matter if you are selling ice blocks on the side of the road or multi-million dollar private jets - if your customer doesn’t trust you, the chances are your sale is going nowhere. The first and most important step in the sale is developing a relationship of trust where your prospect values what you have to say and is willing to take your advice.

Trust is the deal-breaker in every sales process - even in quick over-the-counter sales. The bottom line is, if you don’t build trust, you don’t get sales. Never try selling to someone who doesn’t yet trust you. If you do, you are not giving yourself a fair chance.
STEP TWO: Uncovering the need
The important thing to realise as a sales person, is that you are out there to help your prospects whether or not they end up buying from you. The minute you take on that mind set, you stop being a sales person and you start selling! To really help your prospect, you must help them satisfy their need so it makes sense that you know what that need is before you give any advice.
STEP THREE: Helping your prospect
This is the single most important rule in selling – you must be out to help your customer! Once you have gone through the need phase, and properly discovered the problems you need to help solve for your customer, it is time to advise on the best solution. A good sales person will always put the customer first and the sale second. If you can’t help them, then you point them in the right direction rather than try to sell them something for the sake of getting a sale.
By this stage, having listened intently to your prospect, you should have a fair idea of which of the products or services you offer will be of the greatest benefit to them. So, now it is time to show your customer what their options are and the benefits they will get from each. Remember, your customer is interested in what’s in it for them.
STEP FOUR: Closing the sale
It is a shame when you see someone work so hard building trust, asking questions to understand their client’s real needs, demonstrating products and services showing the customer how they will benefit from each option, and then stopping three feet from the gold.
The old saying “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” has never been truer. If you want to be a successful sales person, you have to get over your fears and ask people to buy from you - the difference between someone buying later and buying right now is urgency.
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