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We hate pushy sales people as much as anyone else – BUT THERE IS ANOTHER WAY TO SELL!

We can teach you the four simple steps to building better relationships with your customers, converting more sales, and boosting repeat business. You don’t have to be a slick sales person to be good at selling - you just need the desire to HELP your customers get what they need.

One mistake many businesses make, is pinning all their hopes on “my next ad will bring ‘em all in”. The truth is, an increase in enquiry is only a small part in the equation of increasing sales and profitability. If you have an increase in enquiry, it does not necessarily mean you are going to have more sales. Your ability to sell is directly correlated to your success, so it pays to invest the time in the development of strong selling strategies that you and your team can easily follow.

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling big-ticket items or small, once taught our easy to understand and apply sales process, you will quickly learn that every sale goes through these same for simple steps:

Are you (or your team) making these common mistakes when selling?

1. Failing to establish the appropriate level of trust at the beginning of your sales process.

2. Failing to ask for the sale (New Zealanders are particularly poor at asking customers to buy).

3. Getting the steps of your sales approach in the wrong order!

4. Failing to find out what your customers really need and then not linking products/srvices back to your customers REAL needs!

Stop Being an ORDER TAKER and learn the art of SELLING!

One of the hardest things to change as a sales person is switching from "quoting mode" to "helping mode". You see there is a major difference between order taking selling.

An ORDER TAKER is going to find out what they need to quote for - in this scenario the cheapest quote will normally win.

SELLING in the other hand, involves understanding what is going to work best for the customer and then presenting that solution, In order to understand what is best for the customer, we need to ask them questions which helps us ( the sales person) and them (the customer) to figure out what os likely to be important to them.

The MORE QUESTIONS we ask, the clearer the picture becomes.

The clearer the picture becomes, the MORE LIKELY it is that we will present them an offer that they want and feel the need to buy.

2 ways to REVOLUTIONISE the way you sell!

1) Sales System Development

Understand your current sales processes and systems.
Before we look at making any changes to the way your business sells, the first place we start looking is at your existing sales steps and processes. This is normally done in a team session to explain what we are looking to achieve and to find out what the best sales people are saying and doing already. We also use this time to break down each of the conversion steps/touches in the process.

Introduce our four step sales training process and how to sell more without being pushy.
We will teach you the four simple steps to building better relationships with your customers, converting more sales, and boosting repeat business. You don’t have to be a slick sales person to be good at selling – you just need the desire to HELP your customers get what they need.

Write a sales system based on the sales training principles matched up with what already works.
The next part in the process is to define each of the individual conversion points and write an easy-to-follow sales system. A typical sales system includes the sales techniques including scripts, workbooks, templates, supporting material, etc that the team can follow. This also provides the foundation for your future recruitment and training systems. A good sales system gives you the ability to have a ‘birds eye’ understanding of each lead’s progress so that you can monitor how they are progressing through out your sales funnel. This system can also be integrated into a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system if required.

Train the system.
Once the system has been written and tested, we then train your entire team to commence implementation.

Measure the system.
Like everything in marketing and selling, we need to make sure we put necessary steps in place to track and measure the system’s effectiveness.

Tune the system.
All systems in your business should be reviewed constantly and tweaked along the way to ensure they remain valid and effective, but also relative and up-to-date with all your products and services.
2) Training and Coaching

We can teach you how to build a successful sales approach and how to systemise your selling process to get greater returns from all members of your team without having to become pushy sales people.

As part of our on-going training, coaching and monitoring programme we work closely with sales people to teach helpful closing and objection handling techniques. In addition we also offer insight and training on how to recognise different personality types and use them to your advantage when selling and managing sales people.
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